NC Life & Liberty PAC Announces Official Launch


MOUNT OLIVE (Feb 4) – Today the newly formed North Carolina Life & Liberty PAC, a state-level political action committee dedicated to protecting life, limited government and the Constitution, announced its official launch.

“We are excited about the launch of the North Carolina Life & Liberty PAC,” stated Kevin Hayes, founder and President of the PAC. “There are many important issues facing North Carolina and the nation. We look forward to being a part of helping advocate solutions to those problems.”

The North Carolina Life & Liberty PAC plans to press for legislative reforms on a range of issues dealing with life, limited government and an adherence to the North Carolina and federal Constitutions.

Discussing the PAC’s issues, Hayes stated, “Protecting gun rights is an important part of protecting other constitutionally protected rights and in defending the individual’s right to self-defense. We fully support nullification of unconstitutional federal gun laws and the relaxation of current gun laws on the state level.” He expounded on the PAC’s support of nullification regarding Obamacare, “North Carolina Life & Liberty in general supports nullification of unconstitutional federal laws and will definitely support legislation nullifying Obamacare within North Carolina’s borders.”

The organization also supports eliminating the UNC Board of Governor’s current insurance mandate, which NC Life & Liberty PAC Vice-President Jordon Greene calls “North Carolina’s pre-Obamacare mandate for college students” and reforming North Carolina’s exceptionally restrictive ballot access laws which they argue limit political competition and thereby free speech and voting rights.

However, as important as Hayes and Greene say these issues are, they are not the prime motivating force behind the NC Life & Liberty PAC. “The one issue that most motivated me to form NC Life & Liberty is the abortion issue,” said Hayes. “In North Carolina alone there are roughly eighty to ninety abortions a day on average, totaling roughly 30,000 a year. Nationally there are on average over 3,000 abortions conducted daily. That’s over one million a year murdered for convenience sake, arguably a type of holocaust or genocide against the ‘unwanted’ but innocent child. No one has a right to arbitrarily kill another human being. The whole idea behind a ‘woman’s right to choose’ is deeply flawed and confuses whose rights are at stake.”

Hayes said that effectively nullifying Roe v. Wade within the state’s boundaries and protecting the innocent life of “our most defenseless,” as Hayes called the unborn child, from conception to natural death by law is the North Carolina Life & Liberty PAC’s primary objective.

Prior to the PAC’s organization Hayes and Greene had formulated pro-life legislation to define life as beginning from conception in North Carolina and been actively involved in pro-life activities. The NC Life and Liberty PAC will support similar legislation or legislation to add a personhood amendment to the State Constitution, as well as other pro-life legislation.

The organization welcomes other organizations and individuals to join them and plans to work with other issue-specific organization on common ground issues. Hayes and Greene say they looks forward to advocating for what they call the “first right,” the right to life as well as limited constitutional government in North Carolina.


For more information:
Jordon M. Greene – 828.729.4509

North Carolina Life & Liberty PAC
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The North Carolina Life & Liberty PAC is a state-level political action committee dedicated to the protection of innocent life from conception, adherence to limited government principles and adherence to the state and federal Constitutions. You can learn more about the North Carolina Life & Liberty PAC at